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 Photo by: Alex Flaminiano 

Photo by: Alex Flaminiano 

Launching in early June of 2014, Bearded Bros "BREAKY BOWL" was founded on the ideas that I had learned and applied from listening and reading a lot of material that come from Mike Dolce. Dolce is a fitness and nutrition expert who is best know for his work with the UFC's elite fighters, helping them to control their weight whilst still eating 5 to 6 meals a day.

I have struggled with my weight for many years, just pushing it aside and not really worrying about it too much.  It's funny how something as simple as a comment from your partner can change your thinking, it wasn't even a mean or malicious one, but rather, a fact that made me think. Your ankles are huge is all she said.........That Was March of 2013.

I joined a gym, started a 12 week program called Metabolic Precision and found out quickly that being 135kgs and trying to move around like someone half my size was going to be more of a struggle than I could have imagined. Metabolic Precision wasn't only an exercise program, but it was a nutrition based program as well. Believe it or not but what you eat and when you eat it is just as important as when and how you exercise. In learning all this information and really taking it on board, it's what really pushed me towards learning more about nutrition and how to apply it for everybody in everyday circumstances.

I completed my 12 week program and really learned a lot about nutrition and even did some extra study to pursue that interest. I did end up loosing around 15kgs and put on some muscle as well. I continued training 3-4 sessions a week including a version of I.C.E once a week. After Christmas I had a few weeks off and in that time I realized that my passion for fitness and nutrition was REAL and not just another fad or something to tell people that I once did.

I was stuck in a rut, plateauing and was very much disliking my training. I have been very VERY interested in Kettle Bells for years, even before I started training and was interested in fitness. I got in contact with Jase and we tried to work something out to introduce some KB work into my regime, but for some reason it never came to light. 

I was getting really frustrated training in the gym and with gym machines in general, I had had enough!. I had been following the RUSH page for a couple months and messaged Jase and said "I'll be in Monday for I.C.E". I turned up for that session and finally felt like I had found my place. I went home and told my wife "That was wicked hard but SOOOO good". Ever since that one session I have never looked back. 


After only a couple of weeks of me doing I.C.E, Jase told me he was organizing a Kettle Bell Bootcamp and would I be interested? Hahahaha I laughed and said "you have no idea how keen I am for that MF".

I learned so much in the first KB Bootcamp (getting home @ 8pm and practicing the TGU-Turkish Get Up with a shoe cos doing it the right way meant the world to me) and I would 100% recommend it to anyone at any fitness level. I honestly hadn't really checked my weight up til then (the number on the scale really isn't important), but before and after KB BC I did track it just to check how it was going. I lost a total of 8.5kgs in that 8 weeks. I am not anal with my food but I do eat clean most of the time and I don't drink soft drink (did have some pepsi at the movies the other week) and I do have a cheat day once a week and I think that's important.

 Some Intense Cardio at 6am will make you humble and kick your ass (thats me bottom left doing sit ups).

Some Intense Cardio at 6am will make you humble and kick your ass (thats me bottom left doing sit ups).

We are almost through our second Bootcamp and I can say I am still learning new things and perfecting my techniques each and every week. I know I'm the happiest I've ever been, feel the best I've ever felt, the strongest I've ever been and I'm at my lowest weight (almost in double digits) I have been in more than 10 years.


I don't say this very often or nor should it be taken lightly, but when you know you just know! I haven't just found a place to train and workout, I have found a great friend in Jase. We spend almost as much time away from the "ARENA" together as we do in it. We have a strange friendship, not strange in the type of friendship, we have but strange in the way that it feels like we have been friends for years. 


When I first had the idea for "BEARDED BROS" I came to him and said "Do you think there is a small market for something like this?" and it was Jase who said "Yeah bother give it a go, what can it hurt", "try it with some protein" Hahahaha. We now stock 5 gyms and countless people in and out of the fitness communities all over Australia, needless to say we might not be where we are if it wasn't for all of the above.

 This is the first sample we did of the "Breaky Bowl"

This is the first sample we did of the "Breaky Bowl"


So how much do I train? Its a question i get asked a lot and when i tell people there usual response is……..So when do you do other shit? 

So here is my schedule each and every week during Bootcamp season and when I'm not in Bootcamp I'm doing F.I.R.E which is resistance weight exercises.


Monday           - 6am I.C.E (Intense Cardio Exercise, Strength & Conditioning)

Tuesday          - 6pm Kettlebell Bootcamp (F.I.R.E)

Wednesday     - 6am I.C.E (Intense Cardio Exercise, Strength & Conditioning) 

Thursday         - 6am I.C.E (Intense Cardio Exercise, Strength & Conditioning)
                        - 6pm Kettlebell Bootcamp (F.I.R.E)

Friday              - REST DAY

Saturday          - 7am I.C.E (Intense Cardio Exercise, Strength & Conditioning)

Sunday            - REST DAY

 The AirBike is my enemy.

The AirBike is my enemy.


Yeah, its pretty hectic but the results really speak for themselves. I started out just over a yeah ago wearing a XXL-XXXL T-shirts and jumpers and a 40-42inch in pants. I was given a T-shirt a couple of days ago and after reading the tag which read LARGE I really didn't think i was going to fit…….


BUT that night i got home, and even after all the hard work i push myself through each week I was still nervous to try on this god damn shirt, its only a T-shirt! But its a nice T-shirt and it meant a lot to be given it, and I was worried it would be to small and I would be disappointed and pissed of with myself for not working harder!


So I just try on the T-shirt…….. you can't wipe the smile of my face!! Not only does it fit but it fits well. This can't be the right size? Yep its a Large and it fits comfortably.

 The left is me February 2013 in a XXL and the right is me last week in a L (Sept 2014)

The left is me February 2013 in a XXL and the right is me last week in a L (Sept 2014)


I remember a while back Jase and I were throwing around designs for the hoodies (hope you have yours or if not please grab one they are the best) and I said when they print them up get me a XLarge for now and a Large to put away till next winter whilst I shred away over summer. So this morning I grab my hoodies (XL & L), I get home and do my usual post I.C.E routine and then get the kids organized for school and kinder and then I throw on a hoodie……..thought It was the XL, turns out it was the Large! BEEEOOOOWWWWWMM!   Fits perfect oh and did I mention its a Large? Ahahahaha! 


I'm thankful for the support I get at home and I'm thankful for the support I get from all the guys and girls at RUSH, Its like a family there and this is only the beginning!.


Thank you for the time and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I'm a open book and if I can help anyone in anyway possible I'm more than happy to.


Nik Pfarrer



With over 25gms of protein per serve paired with coconut, our custom fruit and nut mix packed with toasted muesli and chia seed these are a delicious and very filling quick meal. 

Comes in a ready to use cup that you just add around 30mls of boiling water to (or your liquid of choice, please don't use vodka) and shake it up and your good to go! 

None of this would be possible with out the support of my partner and family. Love you guys.