Almost all the time, a fad diet will share most of the following characteristics:

  • Promises a quick fix
  • Promotes 'magic' foods or combinations of foods
  • Implies that food can change body chemistry
  • Excludes and restricts food groups or nutrients, such as carbohydrates
  • Has rigid rules that focus on weight loss
  • Makes claims based on a single study or testimonials only.

"Fad" diets that restrict a whole heap of food groups and nutrients, may also mean that you miss out on the healthy effects that a balanced eating plan will provide you. 

We don’t for sure but, a fad diets can possibly lead to an increased risk of various diseases. 

There is an eating plan for EVERYBODY! and they will get you results. You can maintain a healthy body weight and you don't have to cut out any foods because you can eat everything – in moderation.

If your trying to loose weight you should try not to concentrate solely on the number or the scales. If you make healthy choices and change your lifestyle you will see results with in only a few weeks. I have had a great success with portion control, the size of the meals you eat is a HUGE factor in controlling your weight loss.

A balanced eating plan,combined with some type of regular physical activities, it will change your life….I AM THE PROOF!

For a eating plan to be balanced and give you what you need, here are my top 5 tips to get you going:

  • Eat plenty of veggies and fruits.
  • Include a variety of cereals (including breads, rice, pasta and noodles), preferably wholegrain (Timing these types of foods is the key).
  • Lean meat, fish, chicken or alternatives.
  • Drink plenty of water, Consume very moderate amounts (or none if possible) of food and drinks containing added sugars. In particular, limit your soft drinks.

Carbs provide the body with fuel. There are high energy and low energy carbs, thats where the timing of what you eat comes into play. If and when possible you should consume your high energy carbs after physical exercise (potatoes, pastas, breads etc). Your low energy carbs (veggies, some fruits, eggs, etc) can be consumed with every meal.

Foods that I consider “High Energy" carbohydrates include:

  • Veggies, especially potatoes and corn
  • Grains
  • Bread
  • Rice, pasta and noodles
  • Milk and yoghurt. 

These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals and are generally low in fat. This makes them well suited to a healthy eating plan. Some are excellent sources of dietary fibre, including wholegrain varieties, fruit and veggies. 

A lot of Studies will show that loosing weight gradually actually increases your chances of successfully keeping it off…..PERMANENTLY . A legit weight loss plans should aim for you to be losing around 1-2 kg per week.


PLATEAUING - Defined as Reaching a state of little or no change after a period of activity or progress.

Sound familiar? They say that the slump people go through during trying to get into the healthy lifestyle is a big cause of people actually giving up. Whether its your weight loss, trying to attempt or perfect new techniques, or even just trying to eat healthy, we all go through this "SLUMP".

I have had this quote taped up at work for well over a year now, it reads "MANY GIVE UP ON THE BRINK OF GREATNESS". I put it up after I went through my first slump. I wasn't making progress, I was getting lazy with my eating, I was really frustrated training in the gym and with gym machines in general. I had had enough!. I was just bored (stuck inside a gym 5 days a week), so I stopped for a bit…… but that didn't last long!

I could have easily given up right? Would have been easy, "Oh well, I gave it a crack" certainly came to mind, but I thought about it. I looked at how far I had come, I listened to my friends and family and I realised that, yeah, I have slacked off and made some mistakes with my food choices and so on, but thats not the end of the world. That can be changed!.

It took me a little bit to get out of my slump, but I did a complete 360 in my training, went from all machines, all the time to complete body weight and Kettle-bell workouts for a solid 12 weeks.

I think, and preach this to all my friends who ask for advice "If you can do it for one day, why can't you do it for two? or three or four? It only gets easier the more you do it". So, essentially, its like learning a new skill or playing a new video game. The more you do it the better you get. I'm hearing it a bit lately and I think it rings true, and I hope if your stuck in a slump that this can help you or put it into perspective a little bit.

I have found something Im passionate about and there is no stopping me now! This year I'll be doing something I never thought I would ever do again….EVER! I'll be studying at University level. I know right!!!! Wait till I tell my mum, she will think Im pulling her leg, hahahahaha!

I also think I have fallen in love with lifting weights, It never really tickled my fancy, it was always a means to an end (loosing weight). I have been training myself for the past 8 weeks, incorporating a lot of what I have learnt over the past 2 years, as well as implementing some things I have been studying online, and I must say my lean muscle mass is at a all time high. Im very happy with the continued results, proving to myself that I can accomplish these things on my own.

Below LEFT is me Feb 2013 and Feb 2015 on the RIGHT(this morning actually 11/2/15)

Watch this space is all I can say……BIG THINGS ARE COMING!


The latest member to join the Coca-Cola family, Coca-Cola "Life". Is it designed to ease the consumer awareness or just another clever marketing ploy?.

It's marketed as having less sugar than regular Coke but none of those artificial sweeteners that people who drink Diet Coke always harp on about.

The new naturally sweetened drink - which contains a third less sugar and calories than regular cola, has been created due to calls for the company to do more to tackle the global obesity epidemic.

Sold in a green can or a recyclable bottle, it will hit Australian shelves in April.

The company has been facing backlash for their artificial sweeteners for years now, such as aspartame and an increased demand for natural products has never been higher.

The solution? Bring out Coke Life for the slightly more health conscious consumers out there?

So they are targeting the 20 and 30-somethings who have begun to realise they are not immune from responsibility and drinking fizzy drinks 24/7 does have consequences, and that they do have a sense of responsibility about what they consume.

Some health experts are sceptical about Coca-Cola’s motives and worry about the health implications of a fizzy drink marketed in ‘healthy’ green packaging.

What do you think?


As we all know, sometimes there isn't enough time to get a healthy meal prepared so we resort to the un-healthy takeaway option….easy right? drive through and your done!

Well we have sourced, (eaten at least 4) seven meals that take 5 minutes or less to prepare so you think twice about stopping in and grabbing that cheese burger ;)

MCT Oil - Why Are You Putting It In Your Coffee?

So, I have been drinking "BUTTER COFFEE" on and off for the past year or so. One of the key ingredients is MCT oil (Medium-Chain Triglycerides). Its the thing I get asked about the most when it comes to explaining what "BUTTER COFFEE" is all about. Without going all science geek on you, here are the main reasons I use MCT oil on a daily basis:

1. MCT Oil promotes a healthy digestive system.
2. MCT Oil is know to reduce inflammation in the body.
3. MCT Oil has been widely linked to better brain function.
4. MCT Oil helps you absorb your nutrients better.

Bearded Bros "BUTTER COFFEE" coming soon to a cafe near you.

Bearded Bros, 5 Weight Loss Tips For Beginners (Evidence Based).

1. Drink Water, Especially Before Meals

It is often claimed that drinking water can help with weight loss, and this is true.

Drinking water can boost metabolism by 24-30% over a period of 1-1.5 hours, helping you burn off a few more calories.

One study showed that drinking a half litre of water about a half an hour before meals helped dieters eat fewer calories and lose up to 40% more weight. I really like to get half a litre in as soon as I wake up, I find it kicks metabolism in first thing.



2. Drink Green Tea

Like coffee, green tea also has many benefits, one of them being weight loss.

Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine, but it is also loaded with powerful antioxidants called catechins, which are also believed to work synergistically with the caffeine to enhance fat burning.

Although the evidence is mixed, there are many studies showing that green tea (either as a beverage or a supplement) will help you lose weight.



3. Cook With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extremely healthy. It is high in special fats called medium chain triglycerides, which are metabolized differently than other fats.

These fats have are shown to boost metabolism by 120 calories per day, and also reduce your appetite so that you eat fewer calories per day.

Keep in mind that this is not about adding coconut oil on top of what you’re already eating, it is about replacing some of your current cooking fats with coconut oil.



4. Keep Healthy Food And Snacks Around in Case You Get Hungry

Keeping healthy food close by can help prevent you from eating something unhealthy if you become excessively hungry.

A few snacks that are easily transportable and simple to prepare including whole fruits, celery, baby carrots, yogurt and of course the Breaky Bowl.



5. Use Portion Control or Count Calories

Portion control (eating less) or counting calories can be very useful, for obvious reasons.

There are also studies showing that keeping a food diary and writing down what you eat, or taking pictures of all your meals (so thats what Instagram is really for), can help you lose weight.

Anything that increases your awareness of what you are eating is likely to be useful. I have also seen that preparing your meals on smaller plates or bowls can also help.

Consistency is the key, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


So the past couple of weeks I have been putting into practice what I have learned over the past year. With RUSH being closed till early January, myself and Frenchy were not keen to slow down with our training. So I have been putting together some 30 min body weight programs for us to smash out at the local park.

If you had of asked me 12 to 18 months ago did I think I would be helping out some friends with food plans and writing up quick little exercise programs, I would of laughed at you and said "No way……" Funny how things can change isn't it?

This week we have had a couple of other guys join us for our "GHETTO PARK WORKOUT" and its been so good, the more the merrier I think. We are hitting Eastern Gardens Play Park on Ryrie St (just down from Geelong High School) most mornings at 6am till 6:45. If you wanna come get your sweat on let us know and we will tell you what days we are going to be down there.


So I am a week removed from completing a 12 week F.I.R.E program (resistance weight training) with my brother and owner of Rush Personal Training Jason Athanitis. I started this program with the intention to refine my skills and techniques in how I lift and also to try and smash my long term goal. When I first started training around 20 months ago.... my weight was at its highest ever - 134kgs. My first goal, my long term goal, was to be 99kg by 31st December 2014.

Its through hard work, sacrifice and sheer determination that I busted my ass 5 to 7 times a week to push myself towards, this, what seemed impossible goal. Once I learned that the weight on the scales didn't really transfer to how i was looking or feeling (dropping sizes in clothes and looking different in the mirror), it did make me less inclined to check my weight all the time.

I can now officially say I have SMASHED my goal…. I'm sitting on 97.2 kgs and I feel AMAZING! No crazy diets, no magic powders, just hard work, dedication and knowledge. Knowledge has been the deciding factor in my journey I think.

Learning as much as I possibly can about what I was trying to achieve (still achieving) has really made this possible. Keeping it simple! Cos lets face it, its not rocket science, eat the right amount at the right time and move…move as much as you possibly can!

I wanna thank my family for supporting me. Calista you have been amazing and super supportive of my time away from home, my 5am starts and late finishes. My kids have been amazing, either coming to sessions and training or just hanging out. Later in life they will understand the motivation they gave me to give 110% every time I stepped into the my second home @ Rush PT.

My mates, you know who you are….those little comments "Its like every time i see you, your a different person" They are the words that inspire me!

My friend and trainer Jase - I came into Rush lost and unsure, but you quickly sorted me out! The last 12 weeks have been awesome and i have learned so much more about proper movement and overall technique and how it effects your results. You are a true friend, a wealth of knowledge and a great support. For this I thank you!

I am by no means finished with training, its actually totally the opposite…..big things coming in 2015 family and friends.

#beardedbros #HealthyLifestyleChoices


Start Out Heavy!

Heavy leg session tonight! Feeling it already! The tail end of this 12 weeks of FIRE training is low reps (4-6) for heavy weight (138kg on my hexbar tonight) The crew is the best….we work hard but we have fun as well!

Running a shop has it ups and downs, but I love it. We are heading into Xmas and looking at having a huge month! We stock all different styles of caps not just the "FLAT CAP" so if your about Waurn Ponds way pop in and check us out.


Welcome To The Grind.

Back from holidays and back into the full swing of things. Got back for leg day on Tuesday, regret it now? naaaahhh its all about the pain of not being able to sit on a toilet seat properly right?

Was good to be back and i think the body thanked me for giving it some time to recover by letting me lift PB's all night long (Lionel Richie voice). Being up again at 5am most days will be a struggle for the first week or so but you get used to it again. 

Week 8 "Operation Ass Whoop'n"

Meat & 5 Veg.

After having great success with our Salad recipe, we have been asked a few times now "whats our GO TO dinner"? I like to call it the "MEAT & 5 VEG" its a very simple and easy to prepare dinner for 2 (you can adjust amounts to suit). If you don't have a steamer then run to Coles and grab one of these bad boys! they are the best.

I will steam the pumpkin and sweet potato first for 3 min then add the other veggies and steam again for 5 more minutes. We will usually have some lean pork steaks or ill butterfly some chicken breasts and lightly season them with some sea salt and paprika. 

220gms of lean chicken/pork/beef/kangaroo
12-14 fresh beans
1 full broccoli cut to size
12 pieces of pumpkin cut to size (1 inch x 1 inch)
8 pieces of sweet potato cut to size (1 inch x 1 inch)
2 full carrots cut to size (3 inch strips)

This Is Rush.

A full on week of cardio and heavy weights is just what the doctor ordered. We are coming into the tail end of our 12 week FIRE program and things are starting to get heavy. The dead-lift has become my favourite leg exercise by far but this week The Captain threw in a new exercise which I dubbed "The Strongman Lunges" , lunging across the room and back with the 24kg medicine ball on alternate shoulders will test any man.

Week 7 "Operation Ass Whoop'n"

Hump Day.

The weeks are flying at the moment, In just under a week my family fly's out to Cairns for a well needed holiday and I will join them a week later for some R&R. In this weeks training I feel like we have kicked it up a notch, In the early morning cardio Im pushing myself harder, mondays session was a brutal one, KB squat thrusters will test you anyday of the week.  


With it being Melbourne Cup this week the last couple of days have been pretty consistent at the shop, which is good coming into the busier time of the year. Some new faces around the centre and the traffic flow is definitely getting better so hoping for a killer couple of months!.

We have been doing F.I.R.E training now for the past 6 weeks and doing legs each and every Tuesday night is really taking its toll on Wednesday morning cardio, hahahahaha!

I cop it for using all the chalk so this is the tee I will get made soon.

After a heavy lifting session Last night with PBs on all exercises including 115kg on the Hexbar deadlift I thought my brother Jase would look after me this morning with not so much leg work…..I was clearly mistaken. A friendly game off cards? NO! The Deck Of Doom made its way back into the rotation, not the digital deck of doom but the actual D.O.D!.

If you wanna learn more about the deck of doom hit up Jase from Rush Pt.

Sunday Not So Funday.

With It getting closer to Christmas I have decided to re-open the shop up on Sundays from 11am till 4pm (or earlier depending on how busy it is). The centre is definitely getting busier over the week and and Saturdays have been a little busier so lets see how the day turns out today (12:14pm typing this post).

Fresh New Cavs Cap Available Now @ Capz Waurn Ponds.

Week 6 "Operation Ass Whoop'n"

F.I.R.E and I.C.E

What a week of training it has been. It started 6am (up at 5) Monday @ Rush Pt with a intense cardio session, I feel it sets up my week and gets me focused for the long week ahead, plus its only 30 minutes out of your morning, 30 minutes well spent I think.In case you we're wondering I.C.E training is intense cardio exercise and its available @ Rush Pt four mornings a week for only $15 for all 4 sessions.


Legs Made From Jelly.

Tuesdays are glorified leg day for our little group and It's starting to ramp up now seeing we have hit the halfway mark of the 12 week program. Last night I ticked something off my goals list, I set myself a goal to learn to dead-lift properly and then to lift my own body weight. I struggled with the technique so was unable to do the exercise but after taking on Kettlebells for the past 6 months my flexibility and overall body movements have gotten stronger so Fast forward 10 months later and with the help from my brother Jason I am nailing 107.5kg for 10reps x 2 sets 💯

HexBar is the best.

With a hectic week of training and work ahead I need to make sure my meals are on point.

Sunday Funday.

Being the only full day off as of late we have gotta make the most of Sundays but you can't start the day without calling in and seeing the boys from Launch on the Westfield Bridge.

Mug-a-latte please sir.

Great beer garden weather, would be rude not to check out the UFC and have a pint in the sun  at The Sporting Globe. The UFC card wasn't really the best as of late but the main event was pretty epic with Aldo winning over Mendes via a decision, a close decision in my opinion.

 Cider Sundays.

Cider Sundays.

Nerf WAR!

We had few spare hours before we started on dinner so what better way to kill a hour than having a Nerf War in the front yard with the kids. We set up the rubbish bins in different spots around the yard for shelter and then made a 10 second rule once you had been shot. It came down to myself and my son each having one bullet left in a sudden death match……I lost!  

Week 5 "Operation Ass Whoop'n"

Sunday Family Funday.

We weren't originally going to Melbourne on Sunday but I'm glad we did. The Armageddon Expo was the third of its kind that I attended this year and I think its maybe top two next to Comic-Con. The weather was pretty warm so taking 3 kids (1 strapped to mum's chest) and being in a big tin shed filled with people dressed to the nines in costumes made for a interesting afternoon thats for sure.

Melbourne Show-grounds Pavilion. 

There was so many crazy costumes, some I have no idea who they are, some were not so amazing as well....ahahahaha! The standout for me was definitely the Guardians of the Galaxy "Groot" & "Starlord". They have taken it to the next level with these cosplay costumes, totally amazing effort and hard work has gone into them.

Groot was on stilts! AMAZING.

HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Any WWE/WWF fans out there? Just by chance we were standing in the right spot at the right time to shake the hand of the winner of the very first royal rumble, Mr Hacksaw Jim Duggan. The kids were loving it, being front row and hearing every bump and mat slam so loud was pretty cool as well.

Hacksaw didn't wanna put down the 2x4.

Week 4 "Operation Ass Whoop'n"

What a weekend!

After a shit day at the shop (Cap-z Waurn Ponds) on saturday and a super quiet night DJ-ing at The Sporting Globe that same night I was super happy to have a day of "Support Your Local" in and around Geelong. When I get some spare time to make it into Geelong central I will always go and see our friends @ Launch (on the bridge in Westfield) cos we support those who support us and they may also do a mean coffee to compliment the AMAZING chorizo with bacon & eggs on gluten free toast.

We we're blessed with a 26 degree day so having the Little Creatures Market fall on this day was the best. Loved sitting in the sun out on the turf while the kids danced and we try a beer (Im not a beer drinker so yeah) and get to look at the great locally made products!

This last few weeks there seems to be a trend of family members hurting there feet or legs so paying a visit to mum and dads to see how the old man is and also to hook them up with some supplements and my knowledge on fresh smoothies so they can implement them into their busy lifestyle.

My awesome "HULK LOAD" smoothie.

We were trying to get to the Mill Markets for the Mario Kart Competition but we got there a bit late to check that out but still hung out and check out all the vintage goodness including about 50 different style Boom Boxes and heaps of old stereo equipment.

I think one of the best things we seen all day was the amount of old books and magazines that are spread out through this whole place, I know they are saying that print media is slowly die-ing but seeing all these lets me know that if i ever just feel the urge to pick up a book (actually my lady has quite and extensive book collection tucked away at home) on a random topic I know where to come.

Its Monday already?

Mondays are becoming a great night for a cheat meal, mainly because I can catch up with the boys at the Globe cos everyone is super busy during the week and weekend so monday nights seem to be the best time to catch up. My brothers from other mothers Adsphoe & Mays and myself caught up on the weeks shenanigans over 5 flavours of wings and 3 flavours of ribs, was an EPIC FEAST!

The aftermath of 30 wings and 36 ribs.

We have a 6 month old baby boy and sometimes he likes to keep his mum awake through out the night and in turn sometimes messes me around also. Sunday night / Monday morning was one of those times I rarely miss a cardio session, especially on a Monday because I think it sets up my week, but I need the rest to push me through the day so sleep in till 730am had to be done.

I think Tuesday leg day is something to look forward too each week and getting in all my meals and snacks all the time keeps me strong to push my weight up on the Hexbar. I have gone from 17.5kg (per side + the bar) for 24reps in week 1 to now hitting 30kg (per side + the bar) for 24reps is a wicked improvement and I can hopefully just keep upping it every week little by little as the reps come down the weight goes up.



Weekend Warriors.

We are loving this nice weather most weekends, especially when we have a mad scientist workout to smash out @ 7am. There was 6 different types of exercises spread out all over RUSH HQ and we were in groups of two and motivated each other to push hard!! ROPES!

 It will chew you up and spit you out. The running at the end is the blow out!

It will chew you up and spit you out. The running at the end is the blow out!

Each and every week my kids ask to come and join in on a session, they come and hang out Tuesday's and Thursday nights but "Bonzo" (pictured below) will put in work and he makes me super proud with his efforts in everything he does as of late, he is becoming a person and its pretty great to watch what we preach and do effects them in a great way.

Bonzo whipping them BattleRopes.

We had to make a quick stop into the supermarket to grab some frozen berries and mango and just by chance they have a sausage sizzle cranking out the front. I figured we can have a snag post workout right? hahahaha, Bonzo agrees! 

Week 3 "Operation Ass Whopp'n"

Everybody Loves Monday's, right?

After a weekend of DJ-ing in the beer garden (The Sporting Globe, every Saturday night from 9pm) and chilling out at the Vic market on sunday with the family, I was still feeling the daylight savings blues come 5am on Monday when I got up for training......then this happened!

  #burpeesgohome a full session of the great exercise.

What a way to start your week, Burpees go home is a brutal session where I personally get around 100 of them done in 20 odd minutes, its not all go go go its a 1, 2 and 3 then for time so Its spread around a little bit. 

Tuesday night F.I.R.E will burn your legs to the floor.

Week 3 and getting solid gains each time.

Heading straight from the shop to training on Tuesdays and Thursdays is actually quite good, get my food in all day to make sure Im strong for the night session. I have been having a "BREAKY BOWL" around 4pm to train from 6pm and I can honestly say I do feel stronger in my weight sessions.

Hex-Bar is my new favourite.

I used to have the worst issue with technique when it came to the dead-lift, I couldn't even do it with the bar alone without hurting my back. After training with Jase on the Kettlebells over the last 6 months I now have great technique and really enjoy the dead-lift (80kgs total weight for 2 x 12 reps) and i can feel my back getting stronger as well as my legs. 

The best part about F.I.R.E is that Jase incorporates the kettlebells into the sets, wether its a press or a squat or even the split that Im doing in these sessions. Im at home with a KB between my feet or above my head.

Split squat with this 20kg bell is quite the challenge.

One of the best things about training hard is getting to eat awesome food afterwards. Based on what I have learned about how your metabolism works it is best to consume your high energy carbs (Breads and Potatoes are the big ones for me) with in a couple of hours after a hard workout. Last night I cooked up some lean turkey burgers on a wholemeal roll with a fresh side salad, Its one of our go-to post workout meals and the kids love it as well (sort of). 

On Tuesday night after training I try and eat a bigger meal than say on the Thursday night because I know ill be back up again at 5am on Wednesday morning for a intense cardio session and ill have a protein smoothie before I go to bed as well. The NO Eating after 8pm rule is just a load of crap, yeah don't eat shit food or heavy food right before you crawl into bed but having a salad and meat or a smoothie is only going to help you to wake up feeling better the next day, you don't starve yourself during the day so why do it at night time?.

This is my smoothie I make for the whole family, Tokyo is on it with me every morning.

Woke up this morning (Wednesday) feeling quite fresh, legs a little sore but its to be expected after Tuesday nights. Was actually quite cold this morning as I headed out to Rush but the view from the end of our street was pretty amazing.

Thats the moon in all its glory.

The moon was so HUGE, full and super bright this morning, I even pulled over to take this picture. Whats up with Wednesdays? Boxing thats whats up! We had a wicked tabata session, partnered up and smashed it hard and fast.

Thrown a spanner in the works for a Wednesday, isn't boxing on Saturdays? a haha!

Where did the week go?

After possibly the worst night of sleep EVER due to a 6 month old baby (he just had his needles so he's a bit off) my poor Lady I feel for her cos if i woke up 5 times Im not sure how many times she woke up, needles to say I slept through my 5am alarm and had to miss a killer cardio session on Thursday morning but I would get my fix in that night with a wicked upper body weight session with the F.I.R.E crew. 

The Kettlebell is a must for me each and every week.

This week I was super excited for the release of NBA 2K15! Whilst it was installing I thought I would watch some season premieres of some of my favourite shows. After a great 1st season it was awesome to get back into "The Blacklist", the new season will not disappoint. I got through that episode and 2K15 was still installing......COME ON! I ended up watching "Arrow" premiere and also "Supernatural" and it was almost 3 hours installing and then it got stuck on 98%.



The Usos.

We have a weekly tradition called "RAW IS WAR" where myself my son Jai and my mate Rick watch WWE Raw. It gets quite loud in the lounge room, we do get a bit excited over this soap opera for men. 

After last nights 98% NBA 2K15 drama we re-installed it and finally got to have a crack. The technology is crazy. If you have the Kinect for Xbox-one you can actually scan your face for your My Player to look like you....WHAT!!! my dilemma is a two parter, 1, we don't have a Kinect for our Xbox-one and 2, do I really wanna look at my face all the time in this game? It could get a bit freaky or give me a false sense of basketball skills ahahaha. 

This is pretty much how the MyPlayer starts out before you modify it.

Saturday morning is not for making friends.

There is nothing better than a brutal session on a saturday morning. We are lucky the weather most weekends has been pretty good so getting a session in with some out door action is the best. The session this morning was filled up, 15 peeps up in RUSH for the "DEAL or NO DEAL" game, simple yet effective game where Jase holds up a card with a number and a exercise on it (20 squats) and the group will say deal or no deal, deal to take the card or no deal to take the card underneath (which you can't see). I think to myself, lets make this FUN! so I call "NO DEAL" on almost every card and make everyone run, run, run. Was a really awesome session and everyone did really well and I totally made no new friends this morning.

Next time they might tape my mouth shut.

Sunday Family Funday.

Hello Hello Sunday, your back already? ahahaha. With only having Sundays off from the shop at the moment we try and max out our family time and not just chill at home but get out and do stuff. We spoke earlier in the week about catching the train to Melbourne central and walking around the city but later last week I chatted to Mia (our 5 year old) about driving up too the Queen Victoria Market and walking the isles stocked with everything you could imagine, she agreed but had to clarify that there would definitely be some "FROZEN" related products, I said I'm sure that there would be Frozen toys and clothes and probably some knock-off stuff called "COLD" or "FREEZING" as well.

The weather for the drive up was actually really nice, Tokyo had a Diplo live set pumping through the speakers and time fly's when you got good tunes and quiet kids. The City was not as busy as I thought it would be so getting through to the Vic Market was pretty quick and we even got a park in the shade.

B for Bearded Bros?

We hit up a the first couple of Isles and then it was getting close to food o'clock. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find something decent to eat when your out and about but there is so much variety at the market, the big area between the stalls and the pavilion was filled with street vendors and all offering something a little different.

There was more than 10 different outdoor street food vendors.

So with so much variety I decided to grab a few things, some we haven't tried before and some that we're a safe bet and looked super delicious. Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle, its ok to have some dumplings, crazy spicy chicken & rice with some beef skewers on a bed of salad (doesn't sound that bad actually when I write it down) but just don't have it every day. We love the whole share plate ideology, this was enough food for us all.

Dumplings, crazy spicy chicken & rice with some beef skewers on a bed of salad.

We strolled around a few more Isles packed with Pokemon cards, NBA Jerseys, Massage heat packs, bootleg footy jumpers and my all time favourite, the "Superhero Friend Pack" which included Batman teaming up with Spider-man, Buzz Lightyear and Raphael from TMNT, they must be super exclusive yeah? ahahaha.

Not my picture because they apparently frown upon photos of their rubbish. But I knew I could find one.

We spent a good 3-4 hours at the market before heading to DFO South Wharf solely for the purpose of getting some new gym gear cos everything is starting to not fit again. I would have took some more photos but it was CRAZY in that place!. Sales are great and all but when people just walk straight through you not even looking or giving a shit it kinda brings the mood down. Didn't have any luck with what I wanted but did find some bargains for everyone so not a total loss. 


Week 2 "Operation Ass Whopp'n"

Wow Monday came around super quick! So Saturday night we may have had a few sneaky shots out on the town for Jase's B'day (shout out to Danny from Opium Bar for the B'Day shots, we still don't know what they were).

 Looking super attractive at 1am.

Looking super attractive at 1am.

After getting home at 5am on Sunday morning you can probably imagine that not much got done on Sunday except for a really well needed feed at The Sporting Globe and watching UFC178 which didn't disappoint #TheNotorious . The rest of the day spent at home drinking the tap dry.

Waking up Monday at 5am and falling back asleep was a sign that my body wasn't ready to be assaulted by cardio. Got the news that our first run of limited edition tee's from the boys at Fullmoon screen printers had been finished and ready to pick up, WOOOHHHOOOO!!

Lucky to have good friends to help when you need them, Jase went and picked up the boxes of tee's on Tuesday arvo, They are AMAZING! Brother from another mother Adsphoe was on point with the artwork and it transferred so well to the shirts.

 Bearded Bros "Healthy Options" Tee, Designed by Adam Gardiner.

Bearded Bros "Healthy Options" Tee, Designed by Adam Gardiner.

After fuelling my body I was damn ready for Tuesday nights F.I.R.E session after missing monday morning cardio, I actually felt lazy. Hahaha!
The F.I.R.E session didn't disappoint, 68kg on the HexBar dead-lift (2 x 12 reps) had me pretty pumped from the start considering only a few months ago I couldn't even get the DL technique down to even lift the bar properly. Nothing better than after a great session getting home and cooking some AMAZING food!

 Lamb cutlets with roast potato,pumpkin,sweet potato and some steamed greens.

Lamb cutlets with roast potato,pumpkin,sweet potato and some steamed greens.

Waking up sore on a Wednesday again this week! ahahaha, seems like this will be the norm for the next few weeks while the body adapts to the new exercises and movements. Waking up at 5am most days to train isn't as bad as it sounds, Im a early morning person, always have been i think. 

 Climbing the mountain, new session was so good.

Climbing the mountain, new session was so good.

Had a busy day at the shop on Thursday, school holidays are coming to a close and the kids are feral, hahaha. Got all my food in for fuel for the night session of F.I.R.E (upper body).

Im happy with the weights we are starting at, we now have the right exercises set for the next 4 weeks so that makes warming up so much easier. The assisted band pull-up is something I have never been great at.....but this time round my body is in the best shape its ever been in so being able to get 1 x 12 and 1 x 10 sets out (purple band) was very pleasing! 

Hope Saturday morning is a cracker session, Friday nights are usually family night to eat out so looking forward to trying a Schnitz.

 The Logo lit up looks great at night.

The Logo lit up looks great at night.

Turns out Saturday morning was a brutal one! Full room as well which is great motivation. We only had 3 simple exercises but when your pushing hard for time it gets pretty hectic!.

                                          -Battle Ropes - Ball Slams - AirBike-

I really think my love/hate for the Battle Ropes is borderline crazy. I help set them up and I'm actually pumped to smash them even though I know they kill me super hard!.