Week 4 "Operation Ass Whoop'n"

What a weekend!

After a shit day at the shop (Cap-z Waurn Ponds) on saturday and a super quiet night DJ-ing at The Sporting Globe that same night I was super happy to have a day of "Support Your Local" in and around Geelong. When I get some spare time to make it into Geelong central I will always go and see our friends @ Launch (on the bridge in Westfield) cos we support those who support us and they may also do a mean coffee to compliment the AMAZING chorizo with bacon & eggs on gluten free toast.

We we're blessed with a 26 degree day so having the Little Creatures Market fall on this day was the best. Loved sitting in the sun out on the turf while the kids danced and we try a beer (Im not a beer drinker so yeah) and get to look at the great locally made products!

This last few weeks there seems to be a trend of family members hurting there feet or legs so paying a visit to mum and dads to see how the old man is and also to hook them up with some supplements and my knowledge on fresh smoothies so they can implement them into their busy lifestyle.

My awesome "HULK LOAD" smoothie.

We were trying to get to the Mill Markets for the Mario Kart Competition but we got there a bit late to check that out but still hung out and check out all the vintage goodness including about 50 different style Boom Boxes and heaps of old stereo equipment.

I think one of the best things we seen all day was the amount of old books and magazines that are spread out through this whole place, I know they are saying that print media is slowly die-ing but seeing all these lets me know that if i ever just feel the urge to pick up a book (actually my lady has quite and extensive book collection tucked away at home) on a random topic I know where to come.

Its Monday already?

Mondays are becoming a great night for a cheat meal, mainly because I can catch up with the boys at the Globe cos everyone is super busy during the week and weekend so monday nights seem to be the best time to catch up. My brothers from other mothers Adsphoe & Mays and myself caught up on the weeks shenanigans over 5 flavours of wings and 3 flavours of ribs, was an EPIC FEAST!

The aftermath of 30 wings and 36 ribs.

We have a 6 month old baby boy and sometimes he likes to keep his mum awake through out the night and in turn sometimes messes me around also. Sunday night / Monday morning was one of those times I rarely miss a cardio session, especially on a Monday because I think it sets up my week, but I need the rest to push me through the day so sleep in till 730am had to be done.

I think Tuesday leg day is something to look forward too each week and getting in all my meals and snacks all the time keeps me strong to push my weight up on the Hexbar. I have gone from 17.5kg (per side + the bar) for 24reps in week 1 to now hitting 30kg (per side + the bar) for 24reps is a wicked improvement and I can hopefully just keep upping it every week little by little as the reps come down the weight goes up.



Weekend Warriors.

We are loving this nice weather most weekends, especially when we have a mad scientist workout to smash out @ 7am. There was 6 different types of exercises spread out all over RUSH HQ and we were in groups of two and motivated each other to push hard!! ROPES!

 It will chew you up and spit you out. The running at the end is the blow out!

It will chew you up and spit you out. The running at the end is the blow out!

Each and every week my kids ask to come and join in on a session, they come and hang out Tuesday's and Thursday nights but "Bonzo" (pictured below) will put in work and he makes me super proud with his efforts in everything he does as of late, he is becoming a person and its pretty great to watch what we preach and do effects them in a great way.

Bonzo whipping them BattleRopes.

We had to make a quick stop into the supermarket to grab some frozen berries and mango and just by chance they have a sausage sizzle cranking out the front. I figured we can have a snag post workout right? hahahaha, Bonzo agrees!