Week 5 "Operation Ass Whoop'n"

Sunday Family Funday.

We weren't originally going to Melbourne on Sunday but I'm glad we did. The Armageddon Expo was the third of its kind that I attended this year and I think its maybe top two next to Comic-Con. The weather was pretty warm so taking 3 kids (1 strapped to mum's chest) and being in a big tin shed filled with people dressed to the nines in costumes made for a interesting afternoon thats for sure.

Melbourne Show-grounds Pavilion. 

There was so many crazy costumes, some I have no idea who they are, some were not so amazing as well....ahahahaha! The standout for me was definitely the Guardians of the Galaxy "Groot" & "Starlord". They have taken it to the next level with these cosplay costumes, totally amazing effort and hard work has gone into them.

Groot was on stilts! AMAZING.

HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Any WWE/WWF fans out there? Just by chance we were standing in the right spot at the right time to shake the hand of the winner of the very first royal rumble, Mr Hacksaw Jim Duggan. The kids were loving it, being front row and hearing every bump and mat slam so loud was pretty cool as well.

Hacksaw didn't wanna put down the 2x4.