Week 6 "Operation Ass Whoop'n"

F.I.R.E and I.C.E

What a week of training it has been. It started 6am (up at 5) Monday @ Rush Pt with a intense cardio session, I feel it sets up my week and gets me focused for the long week ahead, plus its only 30 minutes out of your morning, 30 minutes well spent I think.In case you we're wondering I.C.E training is intense cardio exercise and its available @ Rush Pt four mornings a week for only $15 for all 4 sessions.


Legs Made From Jelly.

Tuesdays are glorified leg day for our little group and It's starting to ramp up now seeing we have hit the halfway mark of the 12 week program. Last night I ticked something off my goals list, I set myself a goal to learn to dead-lift properly and then to lift my own body weight. I struggled with the technique so was unable to do the exercise but after taking on Kettlebells for the past 6 months my flexibility and overall body movements have gotten stronger so Fast forward 10 months later and with the help from my brother Jason I am nailing 107.5kg for 10reps x 2 sets 💯

HexBar is the best.

With a hectic week of training and work ahead I need to make sure my meals are on point.

Sunday Funday.

Being the only full day off as of late we have gotta make the most of Sundays but you can't start the day without calling in and seeing the boys from Launch on the Westfield Bridge.

Mug-a-latte please sir.

Great beer garden weather, would be rude not to check out the UFC and have a pint in the sun  at The Sporting Globe. The UFC card wasn't really the best as of late but the main event was pretty epic with Aldo winning over Mendes via a decision, a close decision in my opinion.

 Cider Sundays.

Cider Sundays.

Nerf WAR!

We had few spare hours before we started on dinner so what better way to kill a hour than having a Nerf War in the front yard with the kids. We set up the rubbish bins in different spots around the yard for shelter and then made a 10 second rule once you had been shot. It came down to myself and my son each having one bullet left in a sudden death match……I lost!