Sunday Family Funday.

Hello Hello Sunday, your back already? ahahaha. With only having Sundays off from the shop at the moment we try and max out our family time and not just chill at home but get out and do stuff. We spoke earlier in the week about catching the train to Melbourne central and walking around the city but later last week I chatted to Mia (our 5 year old) about driving up too the Queen Victoria Market and walking the isles stocked with everything you could imagine, she agreed but had to clarify that there would definitely be some "FROZEN" related products, I said I'm sure that there would be Frozen toys and clothes and probably some knock-off stuff called "COLD" or "FREEZING" as well.

The weather for the drive up was actually really nice, Tokyo had a Diplo live set pumping through the speakers and time fly's when you got good tunes and quiet kids. The City was not as busy as I thought it would be so getting through to the Vic Market was pretty quick and we even got a park in the shade.

B for Bearded Bros?

We hit up a the first couple of Isles and then it was getting close to food o'clock. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find something decent to eat when your out and about but there is so much variety at the market, the big area between the stalls and the pavilion was filled with street vendors and all offering something a little different.

There was more than 10 different outdoor street food vendors.

So with so much variety I decided to grab a few things, some we haven't tried before and some that we're a safe bet and looked super delicious. Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle, its ok to have some dumplings, crazy spicy chicken & rice with some beef skewers on a bed of salad (doesn't sound that bad actually when I write it down) but just don't have it every day. We love the whole share plate ideology, this was enough food for us all.

Dumplings, crazy spicy chicken & rice with some beef skewers on a bed of salad.

We strolled around a few more Isles packed with Pokemon cards, NBA Jerseys, Massage heat packs, bootleg footy jumpers and my all time favourite, the "Superhero Friend Pack" which included Batman teaming up with Spider-man, Buzz Lightyear and Raphael from TMNT, they must be super exclusive yeah? ahahaha.

Not my picture because they apparently frown upon photos of their rubbish. But I knew I could find one.

We spent a good 3-4 hours at the market before heading to DFO South Wharf solely for the purpose of getting some new gym gear cos everything is starting to not fit again. I would have took some more photos but it was CRAZY in that place!. Sales are great and all but when people just walk straight through you not even looking or giving a shit it kinda brings the mood down. Didn't have any luck with what I wanted but did find some bargains for everyone so not a total loss.