Week 3 "Operation Ass Whopp'n"

Everybody Loves Monday's, right?

After a weekend of DJ-ing in the beer garden (The Sporting Globe, every Saturday night from 9pm) and chilling out at the Vic market on sunday with the family, I was still feeling the daylight savings blues come 5am on Monday when I got up for training......then this happened!

  #burpeesgohome a full session of the great exercise.

What a way to start your week, Burpees go home is a brutal session where I personally get around 100 of them done in 20 odd minutes, its not all go go go its a 1, 2 and 3 then for time so Its spread around a little bit. 

Tuesday night F.I.R.E will burn your legs to the floor.

Week 3 and getting solid gains each time.

Heading straight from the shop to training on Tuesdays and Thursdays is actually quite good, get my food in all day to make sure Im strong for the night session. I have been having a "BREAKY BOWL" around 4pm to train from 6pm and I can honestly say I do feel stronger in my weight sessions.

Hex-Bar is my new favourite.

I used to have the worst issue with technique when it came to the dead-lift, I couldn't even do it with the bar alone without hurting my back. After training with Jase on the Kettlebells over the last 6 months I now have great technique and really enjoy the dead-lift (80kgs total weight for 2 x 12 reps) and i can feel my back getting stronger as well as my legs. 

The best part about F.I.R.E is that Jase incorporates the kettlebells into the sets, wether its a press or a squat or even the split that Im doing in these sessions. Im at home with a KB between my feet or above my head.

Split squat with this 20kg bell is quite the challenge.

One of the best things about training hard is getting to eat awesome food afterwards. Based on what I have learned about how your metabolism works it is best to consume your high energy carbs (Breads and Potatoes are the big ones for me) with in a couple of hours after a hard workout. Last night I cooked up some lean turkey burgers on a wholemeal roll with a fresh side salad, Its one of our go-to post workout meals and the kids love it as well (sort of). 

On Tuesday night after training I try and eat a bigger meal than say on the Thursday night because I know ill be back up again at 5am on Wednesday morning for a intense cardio session and ill have a protein smoothie before I go to bed as well. The NO Eating after 8pm rule is just a load of crap, yeah don't eat shit food or heavy food right before you crawl into bed but having a salad and meat or a smoothie is only going to help you to wake up feeling better the next day, you don't starve yourself during the day so why do it at night time?.

This is my smoothie I make for the whole family, Tokyo is on it with me every morning.

Woke up this morning (Wednesday) feeling quite fresh, legs a little sore but its to be expected after Tuesday nights. Was actually quite cold this morning as I headed out to Rush but the view from the end of our street was pretty amazing.

Thats the moon in all its glory.

The moon was so HUGE, full and super bright this morning, I even pulled over to take this picture. Whats up with Wednesdays? Boxing thats whats up! We had a wicked tabata session, partnered up and smashed it hard and fast.

Thrown a spanner in the works for a Wednesday, isn't boxing on Saturdays? a haha!

Where did the week go?

After possibly the worst night of sleep EVER due to a 6 month old baby (he just had his needles so he's a bit off) my poor Lady I feel for her cos if i woke up 5 times Im not sure how many times she woke up, needles to say I slept through my 5am alarm and had to miss a killer cardio session on Thursday morning but I would get my fix in that night with a wicked upper body weight session with the F.I.R.E crew. 

The Kettlebell is a must for me each and every week.

This week I was super excited for the release of NBA 2K15! Whilst it was installing I thought I would watch some season premieres of some of my favourite shows. After a great 1st season it was awesome to get back into "The Blacklist", the new season will not disappoint. I got through that episode and 2K15 was still installing......COME ON! I ended up watching "Arrow" premiere and also "Supernatural" and it was almost 3 hours installing and then it got stuck on 98%.



The Usos.

We have a weekly tradition called "RAW IS WAR" where myself my son Jai and my mate Rick watch WWE Raw. It gets quite loud in the lounge room, we do get a bit excited over this soap opera for men. 

After last nights 98% NBA 2K15 drama we re-installed it and finally got to have a crack. The technology is crazy. If you have the Kinect for Xbox-one you can actually scan your face for your My Player to look like you....WHAT!!! my dilemma is a two parter, 1, we don't have a Kinect for our Xbox-one and 2, do I really wanna look at my face all the time in this game? It could get a bit freaky or give me a false sense of basketball skills ahahaha. 

This is pretty much how the MyPlayer starts out before you modify it.

Saturday morning is not for making friends.

There is nothing better than a brutal session on a saturday morning. We are lucky the weather most weekends has been pretty good so getting a session in with some out door action is the best. The session this morning was filled up, 15 peeps up in RUSH for the "DEAL or NO DEAL" game, simple yet effective game where Jase holds up a card with a number and a exercise on it (20 squats) and the group will say deal or no deal, deal to take the card or no deal to take the card underneath (which you can't see). I think to myself, lets make this FUN! so I call "NO DEAL" on almost every card and make everyone run, run, run. Was a really awesome session and everyone did really well and I totally made no new friends this morning.

Next time they might tape my mouth shut.