Week 7 "Operation Ass Whoop'n"

Hump Day.

The weeks are flying at the moment, In just under a week my family fly's out to Cairns for a well needed holiday and I will join them a week later for some R&R. In this weeks training I feel like we have kicked it up a notch, In the early morning cardio Im pushing myself harder, mondays session was a brutal one, KB squat thrusters will test you anyday of the week.  


With it being Melbourne Cup this week the last couple of days have been pretty consistent at the shop, which is good coming into the busier time of the year. Some new faces around the centre and the traffic flow is definitely getting better so hoping for a killer couple of months!.

We have been doing F.I.R.E training now for the past 6 weeks and doing legs each and every Tuesday night is really taking its toll on Wednesday morning cardio, hahahahaha!

I cop it for using all the chalk so this is the tee I will get made soon.

After a heavy lifting session Last night with PBs on all exercises including 115kg on the Hexbar deadlift I thought my brother Jase would look after me this morning with not so much leg work…..I was clearly mistaken. A friendly game off cards? NO! The Deck Of Doom made its way back into the rotation, not the digital deck of doom but the actual D.O.D!.

If you wanna learn more about the deck of doom hit up Jase from Rush Pt.

Sunday Not So Funday.

With It getting closer to Christmas I have decided to re-open the shop up on Sundays from 11am till 4pm (or earlier depending on how busy it is). The centre is definitely getting busier over the week and and Saturdays have been a little busier so lets see how the day turns out today (12:14pm typing this post).

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