Week 8 "Operation Ass Whoop'n"

Meat & 5 Veg.

After having great success with our Salad recipe, we have been asked a few times now "whats our GO TO dinner"? I like to call it the "MEAT & 5 VEG" its a very simple and easy to prepare dinner for 2 (you can adjust amounts to suit). If you don't have a steamer then run to Coles and grab one of these bad boys! they are the best.

I will steam the pumpkin and sweet potato first for 3 min then add the other veggies and steam again for 5 more minutes. We will usually have some lean pork steaks or ill butterfly some chicken breasts and lightly season them with some sea salt and paprika. 

220gms of lean chicken/pork/beef/kangaroo
12-14 fresh beans
1 full broccoli cut to size
12 pieces of pumpkin cut to size (1 inch x 1 inch)
8 pieces of sweet potato cut to size (1 inch x 1 inch)
2 full carrots cut to size (3 inch strips)

This Is Rush.

A full on week of cardio and heavy weights is just what the doctor ordered. We are coming into the tail end of our 12 week FIRE program and things are starting to get heavy. The dead-lift has become my favourite leg exercise by far but this week The Captain threw in a new exercise which I dubbed "The Strongman Lunges" , lunging across the room and back with the 24kg medicine ball on alternate shoulders will test any man.