So I am a week removed from completing a 12 week F.I.R.E program (resistance weight training) with my brother and owner of Rush Personal Training Jason Athanitis. I started this program with the intention to refine my skills and techniques in how I lift and also to try and smash my long term goal. When I first started training around 20 months ago.... my weight was at its highest ever - 134kgs. My first goal, my long term goal, was to be 99kg by 31st December 2014.

Its through hard work, sacrifice and sheer determination that I busted my ass 5 to 7 times a week to push myself towards, this, what seemed impossible goal. Once I learned that the weight on the scales didn't really transfer to how i was looking or feeling (dropping sizes in clothes and looking different in the mirror), it did make me less inclined to check my weight all the time.

I can now officially say I have SMASHED my goal…. I'm sitting on 97.2 kgs and I feel AMAZING! No crazy diets, no magic powders, just hard work, dedication and knowledge. Knowledge has been the deciding factor in my journey I think.

Learning as much as I possibly can about what I was trying to achieve (still achieving) has really made this possible. Keeping it simple! Cos lets face it, its not rocket science, eat the right amount at the right time and move…move as much as you possibly can!

I wanna thank my family for supporting me. Calista you have been amazing and super supportive of my time away from home, my 5am starts and late finishes. My kids have been amazing, either coming to sessions and training or just hanging out. Later in life they will understand the motivation they gave me to give 110% every time I stepped into the my second home @ Rush PT.

My mates, you know who you are….those little comments "Its like every time i see you, your a different person" They are the words that inspire me!

My friend and trainer Jase - I came into Rush lost and unsure, but you quickly sorted me out! The last 12 weeks have been awesome and i have learned so much more about proper movement and overall technique and how it effects your results. You are a true friend, a wealth of knowledge and a great support. For this I thank you!

I am by no means finished with training, its actually totally the opposite…..big things coming in 2015 family and friends.

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