So the past couple of weeks I have been putting into practice what I have learned over the past year. With RUSH being closed till early January, myself and Frenchy were not keen to slow down with our training. So I have been putting together some 30 min body weight programs for us to smash out at the local park.

If you had of asked me 12 to 18 months ago did I think I would be helping out some friends with food plans and writing up quick little exercise programs, I would of laughed at you and said "No way……" Funny how things can change isn't it?

This week we have had a couple of other guys join us for our "GHETTO PARK WORKOUT" and its been so good, the more the merrier I think. We are hitting Eastern Gardens Play Park on Ryrie St (just down from Geelong High School) most mornings at 6am till 6:45. If you wanna come get your sweat on let us know and we will tell you what days we are going to be down there.