Week 1 "Operation Ass Whopp'n"

This past week we have embarked on a stricter 12 weeks to finish of the year, stricter in the sense of being more prepared when it comes to meals, being here to help my training partners, spending 30 min at night helping and motivating my Lady who's getting moving with some body weight exercises and some tabata boxing.

We have a great team at 
RUSH Personal Training and it makes it all the more sweeter and helps motivate you to get that extra rep or burpee in for each session! This next 12 weeks will no doubt get me to a goal that I have had since I first started training 18 months ago. I start the week monday mornings at 6am with some strength and conditioning and Intense Cardio which is a great way to kick of your week then on Tuesday night I started my 12 week F.I.R.E program which is resistance weight exercises focusing on the lower body on Tuesdays. 

I would say Tuesday night was a success due to me struggling to walk for the rest of the week, hahahaha. I have found a new favourite exercise (hex bar dead-lift) and a love to hate one as well (calf raises).

Wednesday morning 6am may have only been 4 simple exercises but its crazy how much you can push yourself when you know your not at 100%. I have also decided that weight plate burpees might be the devil. Thursday morning 6am I knew was going to be my true struggle this week, sore from tuesday nights leg session and even wednesday morning we did a bit of running but i pushed through and had a great session.

That night we had our second F.I.R.E session for the week which was all about upper body. Bench press and incline dumbbells we're the standout for me in this session i think. I remember doing a similar program of exercises at the start of the year (different trainer, different gym) and not starting out as strong as I have in these sessions, its a testimate to how Jase trains me in all our session to build functional strength.

Whats been a pretty long week at home and work I really look forward to Saturday mornings. You never really know whats coming in any of our early morning classes but especially Saturdays. Bring on TABATA boxing paired with a few other sneaky exercises thrown in just to test your will.

All in all a great week of training and eating, bring on the next one!



 Saturday morning TABATA.

Saturday morning TABATA.