The latest member to join the Coca-Cola family, Coca-Cola "Life". Is it designed to ease the consumer awareness or just another clever marketing ploy?.

It's marketed as having less sugar than regular Coke but none of those artificial sweeteners that people who drink Diet Coke always harp on about.

The new naturally sweetened drink - which contains a third less sugar and calories than regular cola, has been created due to calls for the company to do more to tackle the global obesity epidemic.

Sold in a green can or a recyclable bottle, it will hit Australian shelves in April.

The company has been facing backlash for their artificial sweeteners for years now, such as aspartame and an increased demand for natural products has never been higher.

The solution? Bring out Coke Life for the slightly more health conscious consumers out there?

So they are targeting the 20 and 30-somethings who have begun to realise they are not immune from responsibility and drinking fizzy drinks 24/7 does have consequences, and that they do have a sense of responsibility about what they consume.

Some health experts are sceptical about Coca-Cola’s motives and worry about the health implications of a fizzy drink marketed in ‘healthy’ green packaging.

What do you think?